Committed to the Craft

We've been building skis with our friends, for our friends, for nearly 60 years. Starting off in a garage on a rural island in the northwest corner of the U.S., K2 believed we could build skis that would hold their own against every other ski company, even at a time when Europe owned the ski world. Since day one, K2 has been leading the way with our out-of-the box thinking and innovative designs, and we have no intention of slowing down.

Along the way we've built Olympic winning race skis, the world’s fattest powder skis, and the lightest touring skis in the industry. We've played with different combinations of camber, rocker, fiberglass and metal, all in pursuit of building the best skis on planet earth. We've won awards, accolades, and praise. We've annoyed our execs with our antics, laughed with our friends over beers in the parking lot, and left the competition in the rear view with our design philosophies and our skills on the slopes. In short, we’ve been there. We’ve done that. And we know what we want to do next.


At the forefront of modern ski making since 1962.


Building high performance ski products with advanced technologies and human hands.


Calling upon unsurpassed passion and decades of craftsmanship know-how to shape the future of skiing.


It all started in 1962 in a workshop on Vashon Island, Washington with the idea that Americans could make great skis.

With manufacturing knowledge and a drive for innovation, K2 Skis built the first ski with a fiberglass wrapped torsion box. This was the birth of the modern ski that took K2 from garage brand to global player.

K2 has been making top performance skis ever since—for gold medal racers, hot-doggers, freestylers, backcountry explorers, rowdy big mountain senders, and everyone in between.


In a state-of-the-art development center outside Seattle, WA, skis are designed and developed using a mix of craft, experimentation, and PhD science. Skis are built and purposefully broken on a daily basis as part of the design and testing process, with the goal of building the best skis on the globe.

Employing some of the best ski minds, our team is constantly exploring how to make skis faster, lighter, more intuitive, and more fun. The challenge is to take an abstract idea from the chairlift or the après beer and turn it into future ski equipment. Some ideas are successful, some are not; it’s all part of the process of innovation.


With decades of ski making knowledge and the next generation of ski makers at our side, our team is utilizing the latest tools and exploring the next great idea to develop industry leading skis, boots, poles, and helmets. It’s that unsurpassed passion and dedication to making the world’s best performance ski equipment that will shape the future of skiing.

K2 is the American ski company. We build skis for us. We build skis for our friends. We build skis for you, and we’re committed to pushing our brand, our engineering, and the progression of the sport we love forward for the next 60 years.

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