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So you think you're ready to be sponsored by K2? Take a look at the questions below and see what scenario fits the type of sponsorship you are looking for.

Should I be sponsored?

I've got more than the basics down and I'm tearing up the local hill! My buddies say I rip and have good style, and I am looking for a free pair of skis and don't have the cash to buy them.


Every sponsored athlete needs to start somewhere. You are on the right path but now you need to show us your dedication to the sport as an athlete and your dedication to K2. Get in touch with your local K2 rep and see if you can get involved with the rep at local events and enter some contests. A regional sponsorship probably fits you best but start working on a sponsorship video that showcases all of your talents.

I should be sponsored

I've got videos, photos, and a resume I've been working on for the past year and feel like my accomplishments are worthy of a spot on the B Team. I've been in contact with the local K2 rep helping push the brand and am sure they have talked with you about me.


Chances are if you are in contact with our local reps we have heard about you. Now it is time to send us your video and resume, but there has to be a spot available for you as well.

Personality and a unique personal style are an important part to getting sponsored. You might have the biggest bag of trips or be the sickest big mountain skier but I want to see a creative approach to skiing and a personality to match.

I'm already sponsored

I am currently sponsored by brand X and looking to be a part of the K2 team.


Send us your resume and explain why you are interested in K2. The K2 team is a family of athletes and we prefer them to grow up through the ranks but we do make exceptions for athletes that fit our image and brand.

Send Sponsorship Videos and Resumes to:

K2 Skis
413 Pine Street 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98101

*All videos become property of K2 Skis and will not be returned.


Your best bet is to contact the Regional K2 Rep in your area, either through your nearest authorized K2 Skis Dealer or at a K2 supported event. Fill him or her in on the benefits of supporting your team, club, or event and how they can help if interested.